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Inspection and adaption are two of the three pillars that underlie the empirical process. For inspection to thrive, we need to be open to the reality that we're not always correct. Not all of our ideas are fantastic. Once we concede that point, we can start to find quantitative and qualitative ways to evaluate our progress without bias. When we assess our progress and processes with an impartial eye, we can find opportunities for improvement. Whether we're applying creativity to solve a unique situation or best practices to fix a common anti-pattern, inspection and adaptation will help us improve incrementally over time.
Rationale for Short Sprints: 10 Hidden Benefits
Rationale for Short Sprints: 10 Hidden Benefits
Sprints are like loan terms; the shorter, the better. Extending the duration will increase the costs…
Miranda Dulin
Miranda Dulin
October 04, 2022
6 min
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